Thursday, August 24, 2006


Name: Keith Manlove

Major: Comp

Instruments played (including voice): bassoon, piano, percussion, voice, computer.

Any composing experience? Writing for different media since high school

Any improvising experience?/Any previous experience with computer music, or electronic performance?
Performed improv pieces with Austin NMC, performed with GATES electronic improvisation ensemble, NMC composer improvisation co-op, performed festival of Cage, Brown, Feldman, and Wolff. Performed all of Cage's Songbooks. Several performances of Voice + computer improvisation with Brandon Young. My pieces include improvisation. Several works of mine involve computer processing, computer generated improvisation, and improvisational computer interfaces and sensors.

What do you hope to gain from this class? I hope to get an opportunity to create an improvisational/interactive environment that players/composers can write pieces for or improvise with. Or at least have fun making weird sounds.


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