Friday, August 25, 2006


Name: Sam Gingher

Major: Piano Performance (1st semester of Masters)... hoping to minor in composition

Instruments played (including voice): I guess only piano counts, although I've fooled around with voice (backups in local band), guitar (acoustic), drums, accordian, bagpipes, didgery-doo... just about anything I can get my hands on...

Any composing experience? One semester of classical composition, one semester of jazz composition/arranging, two semesters working on an honors thesis project in composition (never quite finished), and outside of school, just writing stuff for fun when time permits.

Any improvising experience? Five semesters of jazz piano lessons + playing in jazz combos at UNC-Chapel Hill (yes, we won the NCAA championship back in '05, and it was beautiful), also played in a few local bands that relied heavily on improv. (one instrumental funk/jazz/rock band, and another newgrass band).

Any previous experience with computer music, or electronic performance? Not really... although in High School, I became quite familiar with Fruity Loops, composed about 100 short pieces... varied styles, some very strange.

What do you hope to gain from this class? I'm really looking forward to learning the basics of Max/MSP... my composition teacher from UNC discussed it briefly and sparked my interest, but we never studied it. I hope to compose and perform in this class... I am excited about the endless possibilities with Max/MSP, and hope to walk away from this class with the ability to make some cool patches that I can use in collaboration with piano and other instruments. Also, I love composition and have never taken a class like this before... so I'm really excited. Also looking forward to learning more about mixing, etc.


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