Saturday, August 26, 2006


Name: Vincent Murphy
Major: Psychology
Instruments played (including voice): mostly electric bass
Any composing experience? for music theory class
Any improvising experience? i was a jazz major for 2 years
Any previous experience with computer music, or electronic performance? Through Parkland, I took a recording class at Pogo
Studios and gained some exposure to computer based processing. Last year
through the U of I, I took ART 391, a sound art class taught by Anthony Ptak
where we used a few different digital editing programs, made field recordings
for editing, and prepared a large sound installation as a final project.
What do you hope to gain from this class? Since
I will no longer be a music major, I need to find ways to keep myself working
musically. I hope this class will help me find new ways to deal with and think
about sound


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