Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jimmy Bunch

- Jimmy Bunch

- Violin, Piano, Voice

Experience with comp:
- Composing since 5th grade. Although most of it up untill maybe yesterday sucks.

Experience with Improv:
- Improvisation is part of my composing process. Apart from that, I just do it for fun.
I haven't yet had the opportunities I want to improvise with other people in a dedicated setting.

Experience with e-music:
- I've done some tape-studies/sequencing/concrete stuff, but nothing with live interactive. I'm excited!

Great expectations:
- I want to write some music for my folio - and collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.

Musical Interests:
- I am interested primarily in exploring alternative idiomatic approaches to instrumental vocabs.
Basically, exploring extended instrumental techniques as a language, rather than as a litany of "special
effects." At the moment I'm kind of a Sciarrino fanatic, so researching some of his ideas about form will probably influence
what I want to write in this class.
- I am open to doing improv stuff for the final project, but am leaning towards a fully notated score at present.


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