Sunday, September 03, 2006

Getting sound in CAMIL while using Max/MSP:

These guidelines apply for all of the machines in CAMIL I except for the teacher station (i.e. they apply for CAMIL 1 through CAMIL 15).

Hardware Setup:

** Headphones:
- Please remember to bring your own headphones -- the lab does not supply them.
- There is an 1/8th-inch to 1/4-inch adapter at each workstation should you need one.

** M-Audio FireWire Solo interface:
- The computers in CAMIL I are generally connected to an M-Audio FireWire Solo audio interface. This is found to the right of the monitor.
- The headphones jack is on the far right side of the front panel (and probably has the adapter plugged into it already).
- There is a output volume control directly to the left of the headphones jack.

** Please leave the hardware setup like you found it when you came in to ensure that it works for the next user.

(Optional: Should you need to input sound into Max/MSP, there is an XLR microphone input and a quarter-inch guitar input on the front panel, and there is also a pair of quarter-inch "unbalanced" inputs on the back. There is an "input select" button on the front of the interface that toggles between the mic and guitar inputs on the front and the pair of unbalanced inputs on the back. There input trim knobs on the front panel and a phantom power switch for a powered microphone should you need it -- make sure you need it before you use it [generally only for condensor microphones, but not always])

Software Configuration:

When you open Max/MSP, there are a couple of things you should do to ensure that the audio will work properly:

1. Go to the Options menu and select "DSP Status..." from the pulldown menu. You will probably need to adjust what is listed for the "Driver". It will probably say "CoreAudio Built-in Audio" when you start the program and you should change it to "CoreAudio FireWire Solo Multichannel". You'll probably have to change this each time you start the program.

2. Go to the Extras menu and select "Audiotester" from the pulldown menu. This program could be a really useful debugging device for you, so don't forget about it. To use it, you must first click on the "start" box that is above the "dac~" MSP object. You can then test audio output by either or both of the "on" boxes in the output half of the Audiotester window. Be careful - depending on the volume level on the M-Audio FireWire Solo interface, the sound might be fairly loud. This is a good point to adjust the volume as needed. You should click on the "stop" box attached to the "dac~" before closing the window.

(Should you be using the FireWire Solo interface for input [i.e. with a microphone] you should be able to use the Audiotester for checking levels. You could adjust the input trims on the FireWire Solo as appropriate at this time.)

That's about it!


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