Monday, September 11, 2006

Tutorial 30 - feedback and bypass

Here's a screenshot of Tutorial 30, showing the feedback loop with modulation. You can see that the feedback number goes into a multiplier object, which loops back to tapin~.

The multiplier and addition objects below cycle~ deal with the modulation. (The ctlin object will only work if you have a midi keyboard.)

The final two multiplier boxes are for controlling the overall level - if it's too loud, this is the number box you drag to 0. (MSP patches use lots of *~ and line~ objects.)

Take a close look at the Dry <-> Wet slider box; when this slider is set all the way to Dry, that is identical to Bypass switch: it sets the L/R Direct level to 1.0, and the L/R Delay level to 0. Not to put too fine a point on it, but this tutorial patch is almost identical to Project 1.

Good luck for tomorrow! Get as much done as you can - we will spend class time answering questions and debugging.


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