Sunday, September 03, 2006

Working With MIDI and Max in CAMIL:

There are three stations in CAMIL I that have MIDI controller keyboards should you desire to use them with your work this semester (i.e. for Tutorials 12 - 18, etc.). Here's how to set them up to work with Max:

1. Turn on the MIDI controller keyboard (switch is on the far left of the back of the keyboard).
2. Start up Max/MSP
3. Go to the File menu and select MIDI Setup. Press the "Auto Setup" button. You should see "MK - 249C USB MIDI keyboard" at the top of the "Input Device" list and "AU DLS Synth 1" at the top of the "Output Device" list. Both the of them should display "a" for "Abbrev" and "0" for "Offset". You can edit them manually if the "Auto Setup" does not take care of that, but it should.
4. Open the "thru.pat" patch from the Max Tutorials folder (/Applications/MaxMSP 4.6/Documentation/Max Tutorials/).

You should be good to go!

(Why all this? The MIDI controller keyboard is not a synthesizer. It doesn't make sound at all. Instead, it just sends MIDI messages telling other devices to make sound. It functions as an input device (sending MIDI messages into Max), but doesn't function as an output device. Instead, the AU DLS Synthesizer that is part of the Mac OS X system is selected to act as the synthesizer). Thus, in MIDI Setup, we've configured the MIDI controller to send MIDI to Max, and Max to send MIDI to the DLS Synth. As is, you would just hear the MIDI that Max sends out but would not hear what is played on the controller. The "thru" patch copies the MIDI messages coming from the MIDI controller and sends the copies to the DLS synth so that you can hear what is played on the controller as well as what comes from Max. See the Max Tutorial, p.6.)


Blogger Steve Taylor said...

Thanks Jake!

Do you know if we have any foot pedals we can use with Max? I have one at home I'll bring in - I think some of the players in class would appreciate being able to control various things with a pedal. -Steve

11:05 AM, September 04, 2006  
Blogger Keith Manlove said...

I know we can't even afford jitter... but we could buy this THIS!!!!!

11:55 AM, September 04, 2006  
Blogger shane said...

That would be also might be cool if someone had midi drum triggers that we could attach to found instruments or drums and rock out on. Oh and by the way, has anyone else been dreaming in MaxMSP for the last 4 days?

5:21 PM, September 04, 2006  

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