Friday, November 03, 2006

Paradiso and the Future

Great gig last night at Paradiso! I think it went much better overall than the Beckman gig.

For the rest of the term, I want to use class time for rehearsal as much as possible - and I want to specifically include people who have not yet performed at Beckman or Caffe Paradiso. So bring instruments and come to class on Tuesday ready to work on music: I'll start, Jimmy, with your two pieces from Paradiso.

And I want to start hearing work from those of you who have not yet performed - if you don't mind, I'll post a schedule here of rehearsal time for each of you in class (you know who you are). I encourage you to seek out collaborators!

At the end of the term there is a possibility of doing a gig in the Siebel Center lobby, hopefully doing video work at the same time with people in Guy Garnett's class. Miller Puckette, creator of Max, might be at this gig (!). So I want us to start sounding much better!

Finally, I am inquiring about the possibility of creating a Laptop Ensemble class for the spring, as a continuing class. I'll let you know what happens with this! This could end up being very cool!


Blogger J Bunch said...

Yay Laptop ensemble!!!

We need this!

1:32 PM, November 03, 2006  

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